Information Top 5 Winning Mindsets for Highly Effective Sellers There is an abundance of practical advice you can find online. My approach is a bit different. I am looking at it from the mindset viewpoint. I would like to invite you to give me your feedback on my views. I love to learn from your perspective. Let’s get it started, shall we? First ask […]
Information Neighborhood Highlights: Featuring Old Palo Alto, 94301   Old Palo Alto is  one of the most prestigious and affluent neighborhoods in the country, ranking 6th amongst the most expensive zip codes in the nation. The median home price here is $4.4M, which has more than doubled in the last 10 years. Interestingly, on the north side of this area, the turnover rate has gone up almost 3/4 of a percent, […]
Silicon Valley Market Update Santa Clara Real Estate Market Update, Jan. 2019 Number of Home Sold in Jan 2019 A total of 590 homes (SFR 437, Condo 153) were sold in Santa Clara County in January, 2019. Compared to last month’s sales of 817 homes sold, it is 18% less than Dec. 2018. Compared to last year’s same time, it is approximately 10% less homes sold than […]
Silicon Valley Market Update 2019 Silicon Valley Real Estate Outlook
The Queen's Diery Life is a beautiful paradox In front of her amazing painting ” the fragility of beauty” at Gallery House, Palo Alto “Life is pulsating and vibrant. We need to live it everyday to the fullest. That’s why I call it “fragility of beauty because it can be over in a flesh” Magdalena Bogart, the painter Life is a beautiful paradox. […]
The Queen's Diery Be You. Do You. For You. I heard a quote that goes something like this. “I am not what I think I am. I am not what you think I am. I am what I believe you think I am.” I thought our soceity demands mothers should cook. Because of that, I was a miserable mother  believed who should cook but […]
Information How does Property Tax schedule work when selling or buying a home in CA? How does Property Tax schedule work whens selling or buying? #propertytaxschedule #propertytaxcalculator #supplimentaltaxes Selling or Buying a home in California seem daunting. Daniel at Orange Coast title brought to my attention that some sellers or buyers are shocked to see unexpected tax prorations on their settlement statement. We like to disspell the confusion around property […]
Life Sytle Vlog How to love your life every moment with one sip at a time Backyard Brew is a wonderful gathering place on California Ave. It is hidden, but once found, it is like your secret place. How often do we trip over $1 to pick up a penny? Slow down your life a bit and visit #backyardbrew, and taste India, one of their drip coffee. They blend fresh and […]
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Information How do we get Paid I Attonys VS Reators How do we get paid? I Attornys vs Realtors Attoneys charge by the hour. Realtors, on the other hand, only get paid when our clients succesfully get what they want. Realtors get rewarded on your successful result not on our efforts. Agree or disagree? please leave comments below. For more updates, please like and subscribe […]
Silicon Valley Market Update November, 2018 Market Update Silicon Valley Real Estate Market Update: November, 2018 I update Silicon valley Real Estate Market Trends every month. Let’s review what happened in the month of November, 2018. Total of 1024 homes sold. Bay Area Home Sales were the slowest in November in seven years. Average sales price was 1.366M. The gap between Actives & […]
Information Rule of 72 Explained in 3 minutes How can you take an advantage of real estate appreciation by using this rule? Einstein says  “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” Question is which side of fence you are on; earning or paying? WHAT IS THE RULE OF […]
Information Excusive Interview I North Korean Defector Exclusive Interview I North Korean Defector how can we help north korean refugees? What can outside world do? Kim Jung- Nam Death Do You Know About the Crisis?‎ Donate to fund movies about North Koreans Sending aid to North Korea often means inadvertently helping Kim Jong Un
Life Sytle Vlog Exclusive Review I PersonalTrainer, Chris Gains How to be more fit | Personal Trainer, Chris Gains Gym Info: #YoungJacobShow #HowtobeFit #SiliconValley Your Journey to build wealth begins here CLICK HERE ➜ ➜ ➜ ➥➥➥ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ➥➥➥ Never miss a weekly episode on everything real estate & life style in Silicon Valley Subscribe ⇢ ➥➥➥ FOLLOW […]
Young's Video Young Jacob, the Best Realtor in Silicon Valley One of the hardest things I find in my profession is keeping up the level of consistent energy. I get knocked down and get up over and over again. Sometimes, my tank is empty. Still, I feel it’s my destiny to meet the demand of other people’s karma. Yes, I admit there are moments that […]
Young's Video Young Jacob, the Queen of Silicon Valley As a licensed realtor and broker specializing in selling residential real estate in Silicon Valley and the Peninsula, I am the experienced and trustworthy advocate you want managing the sale of your home. Areas of expertise include: creative problem solving, elite customer service, shrewd negotiation, opportunity identification, inventive marketing, neighborhood knowledge My selling strategies put […]