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Young Jacob, Selling Silicon Valley

What my clients are saying about Young Jacob

With almost 20 years of experience in real estate and a lifetime of experience creating opportunities, Young Jacob is the passionate, tenacious, shrewd, and trustworthy advocate you want on your side of a real estate transaction.

Young is not afraid to think outside the box. She excels at identifying issues and solving them to propel a deal forward and to ease the burden for her clients. In an extreme example related to a foreclosure, Young flew to another state, sat in the bank’s office, and would not budge until the loan officer agreed to push the deal forward. This kind of commitment to her clients’ success is reflected in the words customers use to describe her: energetic, savvy, trustworthy, reliable, strategic, and empathetic, just to name a few.

This commitment to her clients’ success is also evident in the favorable prices Young negotiates for her clients. Young’s approach to the art of negotiation is value-based and strategic. She listens intently, strategizes shrewdly, then executes flawlessly and fearlessly.

If you are motivated to sell and want to enjoy the process, Young is the perfect agent for you. Everything Young touches turns to sold.

Young is a licensed realtor and broker.
She also speaks English, Japanese, and Korean fluently.